Effective Online Job Hunting Made Easy

There are a large number of jobs out there. There are a large number of candidates vying for these jobs. And there are online resources that can help you become a successful employee somewhere. It only takes a few minutes of your time and the ability to use online tools to make your job hunting effective and ergo successful.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Log on to the right job portal
There is a huge number of job portals in the online world. According to some statisticst he average number of people who apply for any given job is 118

Companies use HR related software to sort through resumes and
36% of prospective employers look for multitasking skills.
The numbers are staggering and therefore, you should be smarter than others when it comes to hunting for jobs.

The right job portal should:

List jobs as per industry
Give you the flexibility of choosing jobs as per locations
Have the ability to send jobs as per your chosen filters straight to your inbox
Have a vibrant and active social media presence as well.

Strengthen your resume
Your resume is the initial sorting point for most recruiters and therefore it makes sense for you to smarten up the same. When it comes to online job portals, you could also tailor your resume according to the different niches that you can find jobs in. For instance, if you have work experience that spans different industries then highlight the same while sending in your job application.

Focused searches
Websites like Start Jobs give you the ability to narrow down your job hunt according to industry; skills, geographical location and even company, so why not focus your job search as well. Rather than carpet bombing the recruiters with your resume, choose jobs that are suited to your requirements. It would be good for you to accent your achievements so recruiters know about your abilities right away.

Sharpen your knowledge
Every industry has its own specific trends, technologies, innovations and even language that gets upgraded and changed every now and then. It would be good for you to study constantly about the same and update your own resume as well. Making your resume interesting will be a sure shot way of getting noticed and for this, you have to pay attention to content, organizing your resume and updating the same with new learning, degrees and work experience as well.

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